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We celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Nation of Israel!

2018. május 22.

According to the Jewish calendar, the independence of the Nation of Israel was declared on 5th of Iyyar, 5708 (4 May 1948).  

Everyone prepared for this special anniversary from the kindergarten to the high school.
Elementary students played games, making Israeli flags, dancing, singing, making bracelets, and even enriched Israel's dwindling water supply on the huge map laid out in the garden.
For the middle school students, our 10th graders created the activities. An Israel-themed escape room game awaited the 7-8th graders, successfully completed by all. The declaration of independence of Israel was just about to be signed when a secret society had stolen it and tried to smuggle it out of the country. The mission of our teams was to retrieve and sign the documents while the guards were being changed, and then smuggle the document out of the room. All the information necessary for the opening of the briefcase was in the room, so it was up to the team and them alone to secure the country's independence.
András Borgula was our guest in the high school, who told students about his experiences as a soldier and life in general in Israel.
The Israeli Art Fund donated Israeli artist Daphna Alon's pictures to the Lauder Javne School, which were ceremonially presented as part of the Israel 70 celebrations by Attila Ledényi, representative of Art Market.
Art Market Budapest is an international fine arts fair, and it is with their initiative and support that, under the patronage of the Embassy of Israel, the Hungarian Israeli Arts Fund was created, with the goal of strengthening and deepening Hungarian-Israeli cultural connections.
The day was rounded off with everyone eating ice cream together in the garden, blue and white scoops in honor of Israel. 

by Dr. Radut.