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Recipes for Survival

2018. május 22.

On 12 April, the day of remembrance, we prepared a special theatre production for our Tavlinim (10th grade) students.

We watched the Golem Theatre's production of "Recipes for Survival". The play is about the life of Auntie Hédi, who lived in, and survived, the 20th century. She learned to cook in the concentration camp at Lichtenwörth, but she already loved eating long before that.
"How much is a 'pinch of salt'? What is 'as much as it'll take'? And what does 'add spice according to taste' according to taste even mean? According to taste?! I'm cooking from a cookbook for heaven's sake!" 
You probably have thought of problems far bigger than the above, and none of them concerning food. But - let's be honest - these are serious problems in life. Because we eat. All the time. The eating habits of a baby can determine the structure of the day, our own eating habits determine our life, and indeed, even the history of humanity..." goes the blurb on the Golem Theatre page.
The extraordinary presentation was followed with curiosity and occasional laughter by the students.
After the performance, volunteers from the Haver Foundation had a conversation with the mentor groups about what they just saw.

by Dr. Radut.