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Our chess players on the podium

2018. május 22.

The finals of the student chess olympics was held on 6-8 April in Szombathely, where our middle school girls got to stand on the top of the podium.

The champion title two years ago and the bronze medal last year, as well as the good performance in the individual finals gave our team of Dóra Koltai, Anna Dán, Anna Koltai and Gabriella Csikós confidence as they approached the team finals in Szombathely. Everyone was in good form, and, setting individual goals aside, played well for the team, winning 8 out of 8 games, and securing first place for our girls. Saying goodbye to her current age group, Anna Dán gained 7 points that propelled her to the top of the second table and won her a special award. 

This year, for the first time, and uniquely in the country, five teams represented our school in the national finals. 

Elementary girls: Kata Bakos, Rachel Herédi, Lilla Kánai, Kíra Bakonyi, 25th place

Elementary boys: Dániel Bíro, Péter Radó, Botond Kiss-Antos, Dániel Szabó, Kristóf Bognár, 17th place

Middle school boys: Boldizsár Varga, Dávid Radó, Bende Kánai, Csaba Csikós, 18th place

Middle school girls: Flóra Balogh, Sára Kárpáti, Sára Bognár, 12th place

by Dr. Radut.