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The Wise Pebble came to Lauder

2018. május 22.

An interesting robotics workshop for sixth graders.

"Take one industrial artist, a physicist, a fine artist and a film maker, add a bit of foreign studies and a lot of teaching experience, and sprinkle generously with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity, and you'll have the recipe of our workshops!" This is how the organization holding artistic and scientific workshops describes itself.
Well, it was they who visited our school, and held a robotics workshop for our sixth graders. Once the students had "assembled the puzzles depicting impossible machines, they assembled AIs in proper order, then tried a robot that could draw, cry and gleefully roll around, finally testing their fine motor skills as they created their own toothbrush robots."
Source: https://www.facebook.com/bolcskavics/
Photo: Timea Telkes

by Dr. Radut.