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2018. május 22.

An open day, but not really. Elementary students packed everything out and put all their work of the year on display.

Parents had a chance to peek into the lives of their elementary school children as never before; in a completely casual format, parents could have a look at all the different works, projects and pieces that were on open display.  The children prepared eagerly, were happy to tell stories of their creations, and even held presentations and screened short films.
The exhibition is a great inspirational exercise in positive self-esteem and reflection for the elementary students, giving them the chance to put on display that which is they are most proud of and get to explain why. The "Pack-Out" is another way our school focuses on openness.  Instead of the usual "open classes", where 40 parents sitting in would not be unusual, the Pack-Out gives the freedom to walk around and have a look at what the students were working on in a more casual way, personal way. This makes the entire event more familial, friendly and more in line with our pedagogical values. We would like to make the Pack-Out a regular event. 
We felt that many parents had a lot of fun.

by Dr. Radut.