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2018. április 17.

We awarded the László Szabó Award for the second time this year.

In centennial remembrance of László Szabó chess grandmaster and one of the most prominent figures of Hungarian chess, his widow founded the award last year, on 19 March 2017, on what would have been Szabó's 100th birthday. The award is given to the chess player playing the most outstanding game of the year in the Hungarian chess championship.
The school augmented the award with a pedagogical award, which is given to outstanding chess teachers who helped a lot of children come to love chess.
The awarding ceremony was held on 19 March 2018 in the Lauder School.
Awarded to:
Dr. Imre Kovács - "Chess Teacher of the Year", for his efforts in making chess more popular
Attila Czebe - "The Most Ingenious Game of the Year", for his game played in the National Championship premier league, in the László Szabó group

by Dr. Radut.