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2018. április 17.

The creative team of the Leviathan project met the colleagues of the Museo Ebraico di Venezia.

This year sees the continuation of our interdisciplinary project series, the main goal of which is the interpretation of a given theme of Jewish tradition through both art and science lenses. Last year our focus was the Golem, this year the project is built around the Leviathan.
The first semester was filled with Leviathan creations. Our students employed both traditional (drawing and painting) as well as experimental (art book, land art, performance, plastic statue) techniques.
As part of our school's ComEdu program, our final year students created the curator's concept and international collaboration of the Leviathan exhibition.
According to plan, the Leviathan project will be on display in 2018 in the Síp Gallery and Community Space in Budapest. Our collaborative partner is the Budapest Jewish Museum and Archive.
The participants of the project spent the week of the 12th in Venice, where they met our Italian partners in the Museo Ebraico. 
Arrangements were made to have the 2019 premier of the Leviathan project in Italy during the Biennale of Venice.
The creators were students of our 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th grade students.
The project was supported by the National Talent Program.
Photos were taken by Eszter Csordás, Helga Haiman, Ildikó Pogáts, Nati Powell and Misu Dombi.

by Dr. Radut.