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2018. január 15.


The 12th day of the 12th month, and this time for the 12th time, we organized our creative “brain-workout” competition for the 12 teams that were present. (Well, 11 teams plus the teachers, if we’re honest...) 
Our celebrity guest for the game was mathematician, psychologist and renowned author László Mérő, who presented his new game named “Eightfold”, and the teams had a chance to solve three of the 333 puzzles. This year’s game included (the now traditional) Flodni cake-baking, the Eightfold, language puzzles, the problem of four fours, a puzzle-Kahoot, Flodni division problems, chessboard-puzzles, story numbers and a spooky mobile problem.
As always, we all had a lot of fun, including the math teachers who organized it.

The results of the competition:

1st place: Abonyi Fanni, Huszár Mari, Jablko Rebeka, Kabella Balázs (Team “Ortokarbonsav”, 168 points)
2nd place: Málik Panna, Dán Anna, Propokovych Mia, Koltai Dóra (Team “Flowdnik”, 144 points)
3rd place: Powel Natasha, Odoemelam Emeka, Horányi Panni, Pogáts Ildi (Team “Halihó”, 138 points)
4th place: Boinitzer Bence, Csanádi Olivér, Zentai Dániel (Team “Maverick”, 135 points)
5th place: Décsi Anna, Bognár Sára, Fehér Emma, Szentiványi Eszter (Team “Subductisupercilicaptor”, 134 points)
6th place: Benke Luca, Orbán Panna (Team “Tamás tubicái”, 125 points)

by Dr. Radut.