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Travelogue of Haiman Helga about Portuguese trip

2017. május 16.

I never thought a school trip could be this amazing.....


Helga Haiman 

I never thought a school trip could be this amazing. I bravely can say that the week in Portugal was one of the best adventures in my life. Experiencing this exchange program will be a great memory forever. When the trip started I was excited, but I didn’t think that it will be such a memorable thing in my life. I thought that we won’t have that “freedom” what we have in a family trip. I was completely wrong. Going to an exchange program is much better!

On the first day I was a bit afraid living in a family I don’t know (except for Leonor, my partner) apart of my friends. They spoke a foreign language and they had different rules around the house. Actually it wasn’t hard to get used to it at all! So during the week I could forget all my problems, responsibilities, things to do, I was very chilled. The Portuguese group was the best part of the week. I never met this kind and funny people. They were so helpful, and open minded for everything. On Sunday I had butterflies in my stomach, although I wasn’t in love. I got the chance to get along with many people. Also Lisbon was incredible! It has an amazing atmosphere and architecture. My favorite parts were the day we went to Sintra and Cabo da Roca, but I also enjoyed surfing, it was very fun. The most memorable hours will be the afternoon when we went to the park near the beach, after surfing. I think that was one of the happiest picnics I’ve ever had.

When the Portuguese group went home from Hungary, I didn’t feel sadness because I knew I can see them in some months, but now I think that we will never get together like this again. It’s sad, but I’m really looking forward to go back with at least some of them!

Thank you for the amazing experience! 

by Dr. Radut.