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The first in-person meeting of our e-learning program students at Lauder

2016. február 03.

On 24 January 2016, we hosted the students of our e-learning program and their families. Started in autumn of 2015, the program has 20 Jewish children from outside Budapest, and nearly everyone came to the meeting here in Budapest.

The Jewish Studies teachers of the program prepared a wide array of activities for both the students and their parents. Even though the students were already “virtually” acquainted from the weekly activities, they finally met in person as well. The children started with a boker, a game-based activity (all 5th and 6th graders start their day with boker at Lauder). In the meantime, parents could share their experiences and insights regarding the program. During the morning, the guests were guided around the school. With the way-point game, the students learned about tu bishvat, and also got some further training in how to use their tablets. Meanwhile, the parents could listen to and debate Gábor Balázs’s presentation on the “Origin of the current wave of violence in Israel”. After lunch, we prepared for the tu bishvat seder.

The families could snack on 15 different kinds of fruit, all while learning a lot of fun facts about tu bishvat as well as each other. The e-learning Jewish studies classes will continue, and the Hebrew course will also begin, and look forward to seeing all the families again at the end of the school year.


by Dr. Radut.