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​Memories evoked

2014. május 30.

Our educational art project commemorating the Hungarian Holocaust

Thanks to a successful tender and grant from the Office of the Prime Minister, students and teachers from our school actively took part in creating a project which will see us visiting several educational, cultural and religious institutions in cities around the country as well as abroad during 2014.

The first half of our project is a special workshop class held by Lauder students, in which they invite their peers from the schools around the country to think, play and interact with them.

Our presentation combines elements of Klezmer music, video projection and poetry. The backbone of the multimedia program is the documentary created by the students and teachers of the school, entitled "Lili and Anikó". During the darkest days of the war Lili sheltered a Jewish family including Anikó, who was then a little girl. Their memories are living history, preserved for generations to come by the camerawork of our students. The film is divided into several parts, in between which poetry and prose is performed by our students, accompanied by ambient Jewish melodies to suit the mood by our student Klezmer band, Z'mirim.  

The project's Facebook page continuously documents the events. In the first half of 2014, the group visited Eger and Sopron. Before the school year is over, the project will visit Szeged and Subotica, Serbia.

by Dr. Radut.