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Visitors from the University of Delaware, USA

2014. február 21.

We had visitors from the University of Delaware in Delaware, USA. They planned a semester abroad trip to Hungary in January 2014 with 26 of their undergraduate elementary teacher education students.

The goal of this trip was to help the students to understand the culture of Hungary as well as educational options for students here. The group visited the Lauder School as well, observed classes and teaching methods in the English Plus program. They were absolutely amazed with the school, the approach, the children's level of English and the classroom management of the teachers. We were very proud listening to their positive feedback.


Here are some of the reflections that students had of the Lauder School:


"I really enjoyed the progressive approach that the teachers at Lauder School took with their students. Teachers were respectful of students and truly seemed to want to get to know them and their needs."


"It was really interesting going to Lauder School because the school differed from many of the elementary schools I work in Delaware. Instead of directing students through a lot of activities, teachers seem to let students fully participate in the direction of the activities and their own learning. Students are able to take the lead!"


"The kids at the school seemed to understand that they have a responsibility to the school and to their own education. Everyone seemed connected. It seemed more like a big family than a school."


"Teachers really knew what was going on in the lives of their students!"


"The classroom that I was in was loud and full of life. The atmosphere was louder than most of the schools I have been in at home, but that is not a bad thing! I learned that education doesn't have to be quiet!"

by Dr. Radut.