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“Stories from a family album”

2014. január 23.

The travelling exhibition of Centropa Hungary in Lauder

The last two weeks of January saw a special, bilingual exhibition in our school’s assembly hall. Our 7-13th graders were given a guided tour by Jewish Studies and History teachers. During the activities, students got to know the stories of Jewish families through the lens of 20th century history.


„Stories from a family album” is an exhibition created from archive photos and personal stories from Jews who lived through the 20th century. It is about people who live on your street, in your town: they came from families that were bakers and factory workers, teachers and nurses, translators and doctors, administrators and bookkeepers. In other words, they are just like everyone else here in Hungary. It is filled with stories about childhood, school, love, marriage, building a family, and also about how people survived the Holocaust, how they could start their lives over. This exhibition is meant to be like a giant photographic family album you can walk through. It is filled with stories that will make you laugh, and others are very sad indeed. (www.centropa.hu

by Dr. Radut.