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Millennium Development Goals through Children’s Eyes

2013. december 12.

Our school in the MDG/Unicef project

The Foundation for the Development of Democratic Rights (DemNet) and the Visual World Foundation along with UNICEF Hungary created the "Children in International Development - The MDG through Children's Eyes" program.


Our school took part in the project, along with four other Hungarian and three international schools, wherein 11-18 year old students created works of art based on 16 photographs connected to the MDG provided by UNICEF.

The creations form a part of a travelling exhibition, the first station of which was the Katona József Theatre, Budapest.


Students participating in the project:

Csilla Gruber, grade 7

Gabriella Visser, grade 8

Hajnalka János, Kata Martincsák, Júlia Rathmann, grade 9 (ELIT)

Sára Barcza, Eszter Csordás, Zoé Fitermann, grade 9

Emma János, Aina Luca Huber-Nagy, grade 11

Elli Bíró, grade 12

Lea Fitermann, grade 13


Project coordinators: Ildikó Szarvas and István Jávor

by Dr. Radut.