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Our students at the Model United Nations

2013. december 03.

Once again we participated in the BerMUN!

Our students once again had the chance to take part in the BerMUN conference. Our delegation mostly represented North Korea, with a few students representing the voice of Angola in the UN Security Council regarding the Iraqi war, as well as coming to a verdict as international judges on Australia's and Japan's "scientific" whale hunting expeditions.


The site of the conference was the John F. Kennedy School of Berlin, and it seemed only fitting to hold a remembrance on the 50th anniversary of the namesake US president's death.


As two of our students put it after the conference:

"It was an honour to represent our school at such a world-renown event, and we would like to thank everybody who made it possible."


Lead by Michael Durham, the delegation included Maia Ben-Yami, Borbála Betlen, Ádám Bojtor, Florián Fekete, Zénó Hevesi, Viktória Makai, Mihály Nagy and Nóra Szalai

by Dr. Radut.