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The Jewish values of the Lauder Javne School

You might ask yourself the question what the term ‘secular Jewish’ school may mean. According to the Lauder School, belonging to the Jewish community can be experienced in many ways and we educate our students to accept that their own way of looking at Jewish identity is not the single, correct one.

Since its founding, a guiding principle of the school has been its openness to accept religious and non-religious Jews and non-Jews alike. We do everything we can to provide our practicing religious students with the possibility to live and work in line with their religious rules, but at the same time, we do not require anyone to practice Jewish religion. It is our firm belief that in interpreting religious ideas and practices, all religious and secular Jewish views must be taken into account, and we educate our students in such a way as to ensure that they learn all the aspects and interpreting methods, and so are able to independently choose from the different Jewish identities and views for themselves as they see fit.

Modern Hebrew and a relationship with the State of Israel are important parts of modern Jewish identity. The Lauder School practices the same openness and pluralism with regards to the political and worldviews surrounding Israel.

The Lauder School believes in the power of knowledge, community and innovation. Our school is a special workshop where through encountering Jewish tradition and culture, our students simultaneously receive both the values of Jewish tradition and modernity as well in line with the spirit of our times. Our school combines the values of tradition and modernity to help students develop the desire to learn about and understand Jewish identity, to acquire openness and acceptance of diversity.

More details about our Jewish values recognised by the advisory board of the Lauder School.


by Dr. Radut.