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Spring came!

2013. március 08.

Third graders’ village project kept us busy for most part of the second half, from designing the map to the official monetary funds. In all, it has been a great and creative year. Savannah sunsets, fruits in a picture, animals are just some of the many projects we developed. The techniques are becoming harder as the year progresses, and the kids are mastering each one of them. We are trying to lure spring into showing up earlier, by making a more colorful and happier version of snowflakes, called springflakes. It worked, springs is finally here.

1361349322478.jpg 1362649928721.jpg 1362649940371.jpg 1362649948075.jpg 1362649959114.jpg 1362650033678.jpg 1362650088597.jpg 1362650092577.jpg 1362650107855.jpg 1362650131363.jpg 1362650166502.jpg 1362650222206.jpg 1362650238079.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.