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A good beginning and an even better continuation

2013. március 08.

During the second trimester of the year we continued to thrive and develop in spoken and written English as well. We learned several new songs and games. We have been working on our spelling and phonetic awareness through games and exercises in the books and through playful activities. We kept recording highlights of our lives in the journals on regular bases. Students showed great in interest in astronomy and our solar system so we did some research on the Sun and on planets of our solar system. The project culminated in the creation of a board game that was constructed by students. We had question cards and surprise cards written by students that formed integral part of the game and once it was all completed children seemed to take pleasure in playing this board game.

Recently we produced a play for Purim. We brought to light the Story of Esther the Balloon Tester from a slightly different perspective. Students were amazing all through the rehearsals, however the final production was less successful due to technical difficulties. Nonetheless, children enjoyed acting and did a fantastic job in improvising and acting when needed.
We will keep reading shorter stories and chapter books in class and as homework too, and we are going to work on our writing skills as well for the rest of the school-year.

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by Dr. Radut.