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More fun and more work

2013. március 08.

Exploring colors and different shades of a particular color, started our term. Cutting and gluing were just a few skills of the many techniques we applied. We illustrated winter, spring and their environments. Coloring is still a technique we continue using, however it was the favorite one. Next we will improve further our fine motor skills, and continue painting . 3D shapes are amongst some of the future projects.

1355906651329.jpg 1355906667073.jpg 1357721254419.jpg 1357721259692.jpg 1357721264181.jpg 1357721269933.jpg 1357721303707.jpg 1357721315431.jpg 1360138804189.jpg 1360138811646.jpg 1360138847331.jpg 1362645391782.jpg 1362645461287.jpg 1362645626352.jpg 1362645912034.jpg 1362645923283.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.