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Open Day for future students in the Lauder School

2014. február 03.

Online registration is necessary!

We welcome every student and parent in the elementary and high school on March 12, from 7:45 am.

Registration begins at 7:45 am. when you have the chance to choose lessons you want to visit during the day.
You can meet our elementary and high school teachers.
You can visit our English Plus program which was created for students who come from bilingual families or attended English preschool.
You can learn more about further special programs of Lauder School (logic games program, English language and IT program, communication projects, tutoring, intensive teaching period, talent development and differentiation).
For further information, please, contact us on the following phone number: (06) 1 2752240.
Address: Budapest, XII. District, Budakeszi út 48.
Do you want to visit lessons?
Soon you can check the schedule in the elementary school and the high school as well (in Hungarian).


by Dr. Radut.