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Fabulous First Grade

2013. január 18.

What’s been going in the Fabulous First Grade…..
It has been a very busy time. The first graders have been learning about Dinosaurs and the adventures of Jack and Annie as we have been reading ’Dinosaurs Before Dark’ by Mary Pope Osborne.
We have been learning that stories have a beginning, middle and an end and that sentences begin with Capital letters and end in periods. We have also learnt that sentences must make sense and that they are a complete thought.

Our weekly spelling and dictation tests are lots of fun and it is great to see the enthusiasm in learning the words and writing them out.
Poetry and song writing has been so much fun too. We have been learning that our words and thoughts can be made into funny verses and we write them as a class.
Reading…..the first grade just loves to read. We are moving through the levels with much excitement and understanding….there are those that are reading chapter books….phew. In PHONICS we have learnt about consonant sounds and short vowel sounds….put them together and they make words. We are now up to learning about the long vowel sounds and the Magic E.

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by Dr. Radut.