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Hard work from the begining.

2012. december 17.

Students in grade 7 E+ have been working hard since the beginning of this school year. We have been enjoying our new books for spelling and grammar, and especially the latest addition to our study program - a wonderful book for improving all English skills, from the Wordly Wise series. In addition, 7th graders have been reading a great book, "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" - and encountering a very different way to grow up during World War II.... In conclusion, it has been a dynamic and productive first trimester so far!

Spelling is a challenge. The new words are improving their spelling skills and at the same time their vocabulary is expanded. We learnt about, abbreviations, homonyms, challenging words, plurals, double final consnants, words by adding suffixes and endings to words ending in Y. Suffixes, ion, ation, ition, ance, ence, ive, ity, able, ible, ful,hood, ship, ment, er, est, ness, or, er, ist,logy and ology., prefixes: mono, bi,uni, tri, mid,  em, en,fore,post, over, de,pre,pro,con,com,mis.

Creative writing classes are a place to expand imaginations and apply all the knowledge collected in grammar, spelling, phonics and L.A. lessons. Students wrote about, helping parents, things we are afraid of, trees, end of the word. Many more topics await us as the year progresses.

by Dr. Radut.