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New year, new knowledge

2012. december 14.

6th graders are off to a good start on their road to knowledge this year! Ever since the school year began, we have been working diligently, learning new vocabulary, structure and speaking skills. On top of that, we have been enjoying a wonderful book, "Boy", about the adventurous childhood of our favorite author, Roald Dahl. Reading skills and comprehension are comng along nicely as well, due to the weekly practice through comprehension questions and reading with dramatic purpose.

Spelling classes are a great source for expanding the students’ vocabulary and at the same time becoming better spellers. Some of the topics covered so far are: soft c and g,  words with the sound of k, kw and n,irregular plurals, challenging words, plurals of words ending in y, adding suffixes and endings to words ending in Y, suffixes: ion, tion, ance, ence, ity, ive, hood,ship,ment,able,ible, ward, en,ize,ful,ness, ee,eer,ent,ant.
Creative writing classes are a place to expand imaginations and apply all the knowledge collected in grammar, spelling, phonics and L.A. lessons. Students wrote about, helping parents, things we are afraid of, trees, end of the word. Many more topics await us as the year progresses.
We started the project course with a film about Ugandan children. This movie prompted great discussions and generated many questions, but fewer answers. Through these conversations we touched upon history, geography, sociology and much more. We realized how information can be easily manipulated and how easy it is to mislead genuine people. Following that we felt the need to deal with these issues and therefore ran a shorts assignment about media awareness, media literacy and privacy of information on the net. Students used interactive educational computer games to learn about these concepts.
Our next project was a joint venture with tradition. We watched, discussed and analyzed the great classic movie Fiddler on the Roof. We spoke about several aspects of Jewish life in the past and nowadays and the project was concluded with a homework assignment.
Presently, we are working on a long, but rather amusing play that we hope to perform within the next few months.

by Dr. Radut.