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A new school year began,

2012. december 14.

A dynamic and fun beginning of the year for 5th graders! We have started the year with new spelling, phonics, and grammar books, as well as with the new reading book - The BFG. So far we have covered a lot of new vocabulary in spelling, new structure in writing, and we have practiced reading skills as well as worked on weekly comprehension questions related to the reading material. All the students are making a steady and continuous progress and we hope to keep up the good work in the future as well!

 From phonics we dealt with consonants having more than one sound and consonant and vowel combinations. Students learned how use a spell-check and a few basic computer functions that are necessary for word processing. We played a number of games and engaged in a wide variety of activities connected to the subject.
In terms of grammatical awareness we examined various parts of speech. We learned about different types of nouns and pronouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.
Students received periodic feedback on their progress through quizzes and homework assignments.
This year's project started with a rather serious undertaking about social justice and freedom of children. Thoughtful and lively discussions took place in class where great many important issues were raised. Following that we ran a short assignment about media awareness, media literacy and privacy of information on the net. Students used interactive educational computer games to learn about these concepts. Our third mission was a radio broadcast. Students discussed and collected the content of the radio show. They did a public survey in all elementary classes to find out more about the interests of fellow students. They collected interesting pieces of news about a wide range of topics, wrote and edited their texts and finally recorded it in a studio.

by Dr. Radut.