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Kulcs class had a great start

2012. december 13.

So far this year with the Kulcs English+ kids we have learned a number of songs and rhymes and we danced till the sun came up...

We revisited all the letters of of the alphabet and practiced sound-letter correspondence. Students created a giant alphabet collage with pictures they chose from various magazines. We played word generating games where kids wore letters on their foreheads and they had to build 3- or 4-letter words. Our group experimented with the body ABC. This meant that children formed letters with their bodies thus composing words which the others had to guess. We practiced reading the first 50 sight words and organized contest where the winner got to be the King or Queen of high-frequency words for the day. Children read numerous short stories in class and borrowed many others overnight for home entertainment. Students regularly keep track of notable events of their lives in their journals where new entries are added every week. We worked on spelling and phonetic awareness throughout the year through games and with the aid of the spelling and phonics books. I do hope that students will keep their enthusiasm and will continue to thrive throughout the rest of the year.

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by Dr. Radut.