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Many things accomplished

2012. június 11.

We had a rich and varied couple months in our Language Arts course. We read a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and watched a movie based on it. We delved deeper into the vocabulary and style Fitzgerald used, compared the written work to its adaptation, critically analyzed the main themes in the story such as social expectations across the generations and wrote an essay on the topic of aging. The big accomplishment of this semester was finishing the Wordly Wise textbook. It contained some challenging vocabulary, but I was very pleased that Maia was able to grasp and actively use what we learned in both speaking and writing. The more relaxed schedule at the end of the year allowed us to explore interesting authentic material and we had a great time reading various articles, watching short documentaries, and then discussing and writing about them. Overall, it was a fun, productive year!

by Dr. Radut.