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Summer is approaching

2012. május 31.

Many projects were completed since our last update. Second grade modelled with clay, illustrated funny compound words and also drew clothes and people from the Renaissance Era. Our biggest project this part of the year, was building our 3D neighborhood. A lot of work and effort was placed into it. And as the pictures show the students even made a beach front for their homes and businesses. Well done! Enjoy the summer and see you in September.

2012-03-13 09.39.56.jpg 2012-03-13 09.40.22.jpg 2012-03-13 09.41.06.jpg 2012-04-24 09.14.22.jpg 2012-04-24 09.14.27.jpg 1331627996953.jpg 1331628022813.jpg 1331628046328.jpg 1331628067211.jpg 1331628081322.jpg 1331628174671.jpg 1332232777492.jpg 1332232911209.jpg 1332232928887.jpg 1332494056109.jpg 1332494069111.jpg 1332494080338.jpg 1332494151033.jpg 1332494163454.jpg 1332494171693.jpg 1332494317424.jpg 1332494327988.jpg 1335251663054.jpg 1335251669376.jpg elso kep.jpg

by Dr. Radut.