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Summer is around the corner

2012. május 31.

First graders have been busy since our last update. Many projects and creations left their hands. The children designed their own shields, and let their creativity run with color strips of paper. We also found out some of their wishes by writing on the „Wish Fishes” and sending them swimming in The Lake of Wishes on the classroom window. They greeted spring with flowers and made paper pizzas learning the names of different shapes. They didn’t forget about their mothers, some nice gifts were given to them.
We close this year with many great memories and pieces of art.

2012-02-29 09.41.11.jpg 2012-02-29 09.41.51.jpg 2012-02-29 09.43.37.jpg 2012-02-29 09.44.12.jpg 2012-02-29 09.44.49.jpg dsc_7420.jpg dsc_7421.jpg dsc_7422.jpg dsc_7423.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.