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Greetings from our Israeli Pen Pals

2012. május 03.

This year our 3rd graders have met other children their own age from Regba School , West Galilee, Israel.They became Pen Pals and sent each other „get-to-know” cards. The exchange of cards was very exciting as we found out the hobbies of our friends.

We sent them a Channukah CD, and in return they greeted us in Hungarian, Hebrew and English for the holidays. We hope to hear from them soon.

Scan10042.jpg 2012-04-02 12.19.23.jpg 2012-04-02 12.19.54.jpg 2012-04-02 12.22.05.jpg 2012-04-02 12.43.39.jpg 2012-04-02 12.43.54.jpg 2012-04-02 12.44.10.jpg 2012-04-02 12.45.25.jpg 2012-04-02 12.45.36.jpg 2012-04-02 12.45.49.jpg 2012-04-02 12.46.03.jpg 2012-04-02 12.46.38.jpg elso kep.jpg Scan10041.jpg Scan10043.jpg Scan10044.jpg Scan10045.jpg Scan10046.jpg Scan10047.jpg Scan10048.jpg Scan10049.jpg Scan10050.jpg Scan10051.jpg Scan10052.jpg Scan10053.jpg Scan10054.jpg Scan10055.jpg Scan10056.jpg Scan10057.jpg Scan10058.jpg Scan10059.jpg

by Dr. Radut.