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Being a Shining Star!

2012. március 29.

Joining an international art project!

318 different groups joined the project from Israel, USA and Hungary for creating an artwork to express our unique contribution to the world. Each participating group received a star-shaped canvas to create a visual representation of their unique characteristics, talents and inner light. This can be completed using any 2-dimensional artist medium including drawing, embroidery, printing, painting, etc. – the sky is the limit!

The students of the 5th grade English Plus class at the School were delighted and honored to be given the opportunity to make their own Shining Star. This was a marvelous chance for them to, through their creativity and imagination, represent their school, community and country. Each student contributed to the ideas for the design of their Shining Star, and after completing the rough draft, they proceeded to transfer their work on the real thing - the Star itself. All the students have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and were proud to be part of an international school event.

In the "Israeli independence day" celebrations in each community there is going to be an exhibition of the community's stars with some stars from Israel.

Afterwards the artworks will be sent to Israel, and at the end of the school year, exhibitions of the stars will be held at a number of centers in the Western Galilee region.

by Dr. Radut.