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We keep the momentum going!

2012. március 06.

Since our last report various project were developed. The students learnt how to copy portraits of famous people in great detail, reflections with water paint. Some students designed their own planet and the inhabitants of the planet, based on their current reading „The Little Prince”. We also remembered The Revolution of March 15th.
We are looking forward to many new techniques and projects as we slowly approach the last few months of this school year.

1..jpg 2.jpg 2012-02-20 11.53.20.jpg 2012-02-20 11.53.42.jpg 2012-02-20 11.54.15.jpg 2012-02-20 11.54.30.jpg 1329734404364.jpg dsc_5615.jpg dsc_5616.jpg dsc_5617.jpg dsc_5626.jpg elso kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.