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Our school is 22 years old!

2012. március 06.

The school’s birthday was a great opportunity to create something original, and unique to celebrate this special event. Play dough was the technique we applied and our creation was a true masterpiece. The winter scenery gave us a great chance to illustrate different aspects of this season. Fireworks, Unbelievable Dreams and decorating our initials were just a few things we did. The students illustrated and made character drawings on their reading from Judi’s class „Earthquake in the Early Morning”.
Spring is here, new and fresh adventures to illustrate and explore.

1.jpg 2..jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 2012-01-20 09.41.37.jpg 2012-01-31 09.33.51.jpg 2012-01-31 09.34.38.jpg 2012-01-31 09.34.45.jpg 2012-01-31 09.35.21.jpg 2012-02-21 09.33.37.jpg 2012-02-21 09.34.10.jpg 2012-02-21 09.34.25.jpg 2012-02-21 09.38.47.jpg 2012-02-21 09.42.00.jpg 2012-02-21 09.44.21.jpg 2012-02-21 09.44.32.jpg 2012-02-21 09.45.59.jpg 2012-02-28 09.32.21.jpg 2012-02-28 09.36.12.jpg 2012-02-28 09.40.25.jpg 2012-02-28 09.40.50.jpg 2012-02-28 09.42.17.jpg 2012-02-28 09.42.28.jpg 2012-02-29 12.21.01.jpg 2012-02-29 12.21.08.jpg dsc_5729.jpg dsc_5730.jpg dsc_5731.jpg dsc_5732.jpg elsö kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.