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We launched the Village Program!

2012. március 06.

The winter, Gaudi, stories and many other things served us as inspirations these past few months. Te Village Program was launched with illustrating community buildings, a street map of the village was drawn and the children even designed the currency of this made up place. Great ideas and masterpieces surfaced.
We are trying to lure spring into showing up earlier, by making a more colorful and happier version of snowflakes, called springflakes. Hope it works.

1..jpg 2...jpg 3..jpg 2012-02-20 13.09.16.jpg 2012-02-20 13.09.23.jpg 2012-02-20 13.09.46.jpg 2012-02-20 13.10.10.jpg 2012-02-20 13.10.16.jpg 2012-02-20 13.10.45.jpg elso kep.jpg

by Dr. Radut.