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The magic of winter is an inspiration to all.

2012. március 06.

 Winter can be a dreadful time buti it can also be a wonderful season. This has been first grade’s inspiration in many creations. The children worked on their fine motor skills in creating mouse finger puppets, standing elephants and designing their own snowmen. Their imagination and creativity was put to the test when they desiged their own room and also a winter iceland. We are progressing well in reviewing the alphabet, and learning different things that start with different letters. Word searches are also showing up as a reinforcement to their knowledge.
As spring comes in new possibilities show up to expand and let our creativity fly.

2012-01-11 09.19.51.jpg 2012-01-11 09.21.35.jpg 2012-01-11 09.22.37.jpg 2012-01-11 09.30.50.jpg 2012-01-11 09.31.28.jpg 2012-02-20 09.53.32.jpg 2012-02-29 11.33.34.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.