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Second half here we come!

2012. március 01.

In Grade 5, the academic year is progressing smoothly and successfully. We are on target with our program, and are making further progress in the Spelling, Phonics, and Grammar books. Upon finishing our first reading book, "'The BFG"', as well as a few related activities, we are ready to take on the next reading task this school year, a popular book for young readers,"'Holes."

The students have also been regular with their journal entries, and we had the opportunity to share some of their funny and inspiring stories. Last but not least, the fifth graders have been working with diligence and great enthusiasm on the international school project "The Shining Star", and have appreciated the chance to create their own signature star to represent their class, school, and country. Well done,Grade 5

dsc_5618.jpg dsc_5620.jpg dsc_5623.jpg dsc_5624.jpg első kép.jpg lauder 007.jpg lauder 008.jpg lauder 009.jpg lauder 010.jpg

by Dr. Radut.