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“Big boys in a small world”

2012. március 01.

Gulliver’s Travels takes us into a new, exciting and unknown world of small things with big problems. The kids get to draw parallels between the book’s events and the political situations at the time the book was written. A timeline of the author’s life was created, reading comprehension questions answered and many class discussions in connection with the story were completed. We are embarking on the second travel and we’ll see what stormy waters will it take us on.
Spelling took up a new face. The students get tested on their spelling abilities, and their vocabulary skills as well. They have to know how to spell their weekly words as well as what their meanings are. Not an easy task, however the boys are handling the challenge well.
Punctuation, capitalization, active voice, parts of sentences, misused words, foreign roots are just a few topics that the students encountered in Grammar lately. They do not only learn grammatical rules, they also learn different techniques that help their writing skills: “transition in writing”, “editing your work”, “relating ideas”.

The momentum is great, and it shows in the students knowledge and their growing enthusiasm. Lets run with it!

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by Dr. Radut.