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The names dominated…

2011. december 13.

The first part of the year many different things were created. We worked with our names, grafitti style, egyiptian style, and insect style. Made houses, which are used in a play. Also some classroom stories were illustrated on a large paper as big as the students themselves.

Hannukah Fair is a special time of the year, which gives us an opportunity to show our creativity and talent. Many items were created for the fair, that will bring in for the class a nice sum. Come and see and shop!

dsc_1624.jpg dsc_1625.jpg dsc_1626.jpg dsc_1628.jpg dsc_1629.jpg dsc_1630.jpg dsc_2221.jpg dsc_2223.jpg dsc_2224.jpg dsc_2225.jpg dsc_2226.jpg dsc_2358.jpg dsc_2359.jpg dsc_2360.jpg dsc_2361.jpg dsc_2362.jpg dsc_2363.jpg dsc_2364.jpg dsc_2365.jpg dsc_2368.jpg elso kep.jpg

by Dr. Radut.