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Fourth grade is in Narnia…

2011. december 13.

Through the wardrobe, feeling the coats and then the snow on the ground and then  the appearance of the land of Narnia………

The 4th graders are reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe!! Did you guess? And  they have been enjoying all the activities  that we have been doing with the story. They are in the process of writing their own adaptation of the book. I can’t wait to read all the fantastic stories.


The class is learning to do a draft, edit and write their final copies.The children have drawn amazing character drawings and maps of Narnia.

Analysing each chapter and understanding the voc abulary has been challenging and the children are mastering it very well.

We are looking forward to watching the Movie of Narnia once we have finished reading the book.

dsc_3923.jpg dsc_3924.jpg dsc_3926.jpg dsc_3927.jpg dsc_3928.jpg dsc_3929.jpg dsc_3930.jpg dsc_3931.jpg elso kep.jpg rer.jpg

by Dr. Radut.