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The year started well.

2011. december 08.

3rd grade has started the year very well, and many interesting pieces came out of it. We have illustraterd stories that we read in class. We created things out of play dough and they were very realistic.

Fall colors are beautiful, and they were illustrated with aquarell and water colors. The children learnt how to sew, and made very nice bracelets and matching necklaces out of sparkling beads. Lanters were also one of our creations, amongst finger puppets and Zoetrops.

The Hannukah fair will have some beautiful things that we will be happy to sell, made by the entire class.

dsc_1641.jpg dsc_1642.jpg dsc_1643.jpg dsc_1644.jpg dsc_1659.jpg dsc_1660.jpg dsc_1661.jpg dsc_1662.jpg dsc_2370.jpg dsc_2371.jpg elsö kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.