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Music is a ton of fun.

2011. december 08.

                We learnt about the life of some famous composers, Mozart, Stravinsky, Vivaldi and also about the use of suffixes, such as: -ist (piano, pianist etc.). Experimenting with musical instrument was a noisy time, but the use of different percussion instruments was an interesting class. We visited well known musical towns, such as Salzburg and Venice, imitated animals (whales).

The technical part of this subject was also greatly explored, we learnt songs: Do- re -mi, Claire du Fontaine, Nérli, Sovivon (Hanuka's songs), Verb Rap song, concepts such as: ballet, prodigy, tempo, orchestra and mixed choir, four speeds of music adagio, andante, allegretto, allegro.

A real treat was when we listened to Firebird, Nutcracker, Carnival of the Animals, Four Seasons, Swan Lake. Many more great experiences await us in the coming months in English Plus Music. Keep your ears tuned!

by Dr. Radut.