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English Plus grade 8 students have made great progress

2011. december 07.

In Spelling, we have been learning how to spell words with different endings, and with double final consonents.Then we also learnt how to spell words with Latin origin and an entire section was dedicated to  various prefixes. It wasn’t easy, but this group of boys rose to the challenge.

In Grammar we are making nice progress, learning about Hyphens and Dashes, different sentence types, Pronouns and Antecedents, Comparatives and Superlatives, parallel sentence construction, Parantheses and Brackets. We learnt about frequently misspelled words. Editing and rewriting expressions and phrases are also reappearing tasks.

In Language Arts this year we are focusing on improving our writing skills, and further developing our vocabulary . The first novel we read was „Holes”, which has given the students a nice start and paving the road for the next reading assigment. Reading responses were completed and an end of the book projects was also completed. Next up is „Gullivers’s Travels”.

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by Dr. Radut.