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First update.

2011. november 29.

Art class is a place, where the children open up their creativity and show us their inner world. First grade is full of wonderful surprises and ideas. They explore, create and have fun. Working on fine motor skills has been one of our priorities.

We have been exploring colors, holidays and everything that goes with them. Getting ready for the Channukah Fair has also been an ongoing project for us.

ds.jpg dsc.jpg dsc_2.jpg dsc_21.jpg dsc_1684.jpg dsc_2101.jpg dsc_2102.jpg dsc_2103.jpg dsc_2281.jpg dsc_2282.jpg dsc_2283.jpg dsc_2284.jpg dsc_2285.jpg dsc_2286.jpg dsc_2287.jpg dsc_2289.jpg dsc_2304.jpg dsc_2354.jpg dsc_2355.jpg dsc_2356.jpg dsc_2357.jpg dsc_2468.jpg dsc_2469.jpg dsc_2470.jpg dsc_2471.jpg dsc_2472.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.