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Forebears and followers

2011. szeptember 22.

Jewish Hungarians in the Student Performance Scholarship of the Lauder School

The only choice you do not have is not to choose.

Choose yourself: find the path that your talents indicate! When you find this talent do not be afraid to work hard for your success and overcome all challenges. The inspirations for this year’s school calendar were the eponyms of the Student Performance Scholarship (SPS). These famous Jewish personalities have shown that when talent and diligence successfully meet, one may follow many different paths of fulfillment.
The message of our school’s SPS scholarship is that all efforts directed towards something good hold great value, which in turn enriches all of us. Our heritage is the fate of our ancestors. Our heritage is all that has enriched our culture worldwide, and it is also the life’s work of the SPS scholarship’s eponyms. Those who enrich our community with their achievements deserve acknowledgment and if needed even financial support. Behold the Lauder-Tree’s strong roots, and its young branches teeming with life.

It is the beginning of a new year.








by Dr. Radut.