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Third update

2011. június 01.

In the last quarter of this academic year, 8th grade students were very industrious and producitve, thus making vast improvement in their overall performance in English. Our weekly assignments were advanced, challenging and trying at times, however the 8th graders managed them with skill and ease, proving yet again what talented and hard-working students they are. Having students like this in class is truly a pleasure as they are diligent, responsible, keen to express themselves in a variety of ways, and able to do their work independently and confidently. They have learned new high-level vocabulary and structure, written impressive journal entries and enjoyed reading and discussing another marvellous book – A Thousand Splendid Suns.

 Let me just say to them – a job well done! – and wish them a fun-filled, re-energizing summer holiday, and a fantastic start of the next school year!

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by Dr. Radut.