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2011. június 01.

As we come to the end of this school year, we look back and see all the things we have done, and the goals we set and achieved.

The Mike Lupica book was finished, and we “spent” $ 1 000 000 on things that were important to us, cars, homes, charity and gifts. We also realized, that being blind is a difficult thing to live with, however Braille writing is a great tool that helps.

We obtained 5th place in the “All about Wales Competition”. Our first time ever participating, and being the youngest team amongst he competitors.  Congratulations to the Boys! Great job!

We finished our Grammar curriculum, and sharpened our listening comprehension skills with the help of Owl City and Rolling Stones. Descriptive paragraphs, research paragraphs and persuasive writing were just a few types of writing we practiced. Spelling was challenging, but we mastered all the new words. Here is a list of our favorite words from this year’s spelling book: alfalfa, testify, testimony, cockpit, smudge, fatigue, diction, bayou, valise, isthmus, facsimile, trapezoid, obtuse, caucus, ghetto, Antonia, staccato, pronto, retrospect and extemporaneous.

These boys have worked very hard this year, and their progress was fantastic. Have a great and relaxing summer !

braile Adam.jpg Braille FIXED Roni.jpg brailleAndrew-Page-1.jpg dsc_8460.jpg dsc_8463.jpg dsc_8684.jpg elso kep.jpg elsö kép.jpg THE BRAILLE ABC-simi-Page-1.jpg

by Dr. Radut.