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Third update

2011. június 01.

                We studied the Explorations of the 15-16-th centuries. Children had to write their own diary.They wrote about their experiences, hardships on their ships, about the new fields, plants.

The most exciting stories are: Lili Feher’s story, Andreas’ and Yotham’s stories.If I had a publishing company, I would publish all of them immediately!

Da_elso kep.jpg DiaryFLILI-00001.jpg DiaryFLILI-00002.jpg DiaryFLILI-00003.jpg DiaryFLILI-00005.jpg DiaryFLILI-00006.jpg DiaryFLILI-00007.jpg The dia)6-th gradeAndreas-1-Page-1.jpg The dia)6-th gradeAndreas-1-Page-2.jpg The dia)6-th gradeAndreas-1-Page-3.jpg The dia)6-th gradeAndreas-1-Page-4.jpg The dia)6-th gradeAndreas-1-Page-5.jpg The tale of Morris GrayJotham6+-00001.jpg The tale of Morris GrayJotham6+-00002.jpg The tale of Morris GrayJotham6+-00003.jpg The tale of Morris GrayJotham6+-00004.jpg

by Dr. Radut.