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…And the end of the year came!

2011. május 31.

This great and creative group of kids really showed what they are made of. Talent, imagination and creativity. Many great projects, and creations were born and I am sure that they can top them next year. You were a lot of fun and worked very hard. Enjoy the summer and see you in September!
dscn6456.jpg dscn6457.jpg dscn6458.jpg dscn6459.jpg dscn6460.jpg dscn6461.jpg dscn6463.jpg dscn6464.jpg dscn6465.jpg dscn6467.jpg dscn6471.jpg dscn6474.jpg dscn6475.jpg dscn6476.jpg dscn6477.jpg dscn6479.jpg dscn6480.jpg dscn6481.jpg dscn6590.jpg dscn6591.jpg dscn6592.jpg dscn6593.jpg elso kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.