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…and the end is here….

2011. május 31.

It was fun this year, we had many great projects all year round. The last part of the year the masks were lots of fun, origami, 3D and painting, just to mention a few. Great group of kids great work! Enjoy the summer, I’ll see you in September.
3D 1.jpg 3D 2.jpg 3D 3.jpg dscn6505.jpg dscn6511.jpg dscn6515.jpg dscn6516.jpg dscn6517.jpg dscn6518.jpg dscn6520.jpg dscn6523.jpg dscn6531.jpg dscn6535.jpg dscn6536.jpg dscn6540.jpg elso kép.jpg mask3.jpg mask 1.jpg mask 2.jpg mask 5.jpg

by Dr. Radut.