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2011. május 31.

It is hard to believe that the year is over. Time flies when you are having fun!!! It has been a busy last quarter for all grades. Here is the latest and final news for the year…
Second Graders have been busy learning about Tsunamis as they read “High Tide In Hawaii” by Mary Pope Osborne. They have completed their Grammar books, which I know they were sad about!!! The children have written wonderful stories and have learnt that a paragraph has to be indented at the beginning. They have continued to learn to edit and rewrite their work. I encourage that all the children do lots of reading during the summer and that they have lots of opportunities to speak in English. Take a look at the pictures of their work.
dsc_9182.jpg dsc_9183.jpg dsc_9184.jpg dsc_9185.jpg dsc_9186.jpg dsc_9187.jpg dscn6525.jpg dscn6527.jpg dscn6528.jpg dscn6529.jpg elso kep.jpg

by Dr. Radut.