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The fun and learning continues

2011. február 15.

Many things happened since we last reported.

We illustrated stories, we explored colors and different shades of a paricular color. Cutting and gluing were just some of the many techniques we applied.We also started painting with water paint and tempera.
The students were improving their fine motor skills by threading beads, and creating different things: rings, bracelets and hedgehogs. Colorful and interesting pieces showed how creative they can be at this young age.

04.jpg dsc_1841.jpg dsc_1842.jpg dsc_1843.jpg dsc_1850.jpg dsc_1851.jpg dsc_1852.jpg dsc_1853.jpg dsc_1854.jpg dsc_2162.jpg dsc_2163.jpg dsc_2164.jpg dsc_2165.jpg első kép.jpg

by Dr. Radut.